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We are a boutique marketing group that focuses on research and analytically based methods of making your company money. If you are looking for assistance in SEO, content writing, Adwords, or social media management, then PDX Marketing is your solution.

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Our Mission isSimple

We want to increase your company’s profits. Our focus is on small to mid-size businesses in the Portland Metro area. We do not do rebranding or large scale national campaigns--our specialty is increasing your brand with your target audience.

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Marketing for any target market isDynamic

We will never tell you we will grow your company 100% in the first campaign. Understanding what will work involves some trial and error. However, our knowledge and experience will lead us to the correct campaign before the lay person and even other professionals.

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Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a required principal of any business. When you look for a restaurant, bar, or random item, what do you do? Most people would say, "Google it."

Social Media

In the time of social media, the best way to create brand recognition it to create a following and have your businesses name in the feed of your target market every day.

Content Managment

From blog posts to clean consice verbaige of a website, this is the key which will complete your marketing package.

«Our Philosophy
and Goal»

Marketing is not black and white, it is a dynamic challenge. Anyone who says they know any one market in and out, should be taken with skepticism. The best marketing changes with the audience it is tying to capture. Research and analytics is the only way one can measure the success of a campaign.
— Nick, Founder

Customizable Solutions

PDX Marketing does not provide cookie cutter solutions. All services are tailored to the needs and the budget of each customer.

Analytical Feedback

Knowing the money you spend is working is the bottom line for any business owner, discovering a better method for future campaigns is the gold standard. By providing you with the analytics we see you can make better decisions.

Retainer Amounts of your Choosing

The cost of ads and pay per click are required, we only limit the minimum and will recommend amounts to reach the target market. If you want to boost your success, we support that. If you are on a budget, we will maximize every penny.

Brand Strategy

From a product launch to a seasoned company, a proper plan of action for marketing and branding is needed for success. If you're trying to get somewhere, do you have a map or do you make the map on the trip. We will help you make a map to success.

Why choose us?

Reason why us

At PDX Marketing we use our prior experience and apply it to each challenge we face, then learn and streamline the process. We started as small business owners, then consultants, and back to creating startups. PDX Marketing understands and will work with any company on a budget. We have customizable plans for a reason, and that is to be your offsite marketing department.

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PDX Marketing was conceived in 2017, however the Team has work experience from freelance to executive marketing positions.


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PDX Marketing Provides Portland area businesses with multiple services. From basic SEO to website design PDX Marketing can assist your marketing department, or can be your full service marketing partner.

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Your business matters to us. Don't let your business suffer because you’re shy, three simple steps can make you more competitive and profitable.


Desire Improvement

Understand there is room for improvement, even if you don't know what you need.


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Meet with our CEO and discuss techniques, and determine if are a good fit with your company.


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Make a return on your investment! Maximize profits and customer traffic each and every month.

"Nick has always been the first person I call when I have a new project and need to build a team. He is the best I have found and he will help make millions for companies."

Cody K., Symba Ventures

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We do not have cookie cutter solutions at PDX Marketing. This means you must contact us and we can customize your plan.

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