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Stop spending your hard earned money foolishly. Join PDX Marketing for the very best in service and make your company grow. We will tell you what you don't need instead of taking advantage and giving you services you don't need.


Desire Improvment

Understand there is room for improvement, even if you don't know what you need. Look at web pages you like and delve into the statistics for your current campaigns. Try to be informed so we can identify issues with the very best accuracy.


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Meet with our CEO and discuss techniques, and determine if are a good fit with your company. We will discuss what needs to be completed now and what can wait, so we can maximize the value of each dollar you spend.


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Make a return on your investment! Maximize profits and customer traffic each month. Receive the data, we will discuss the results in person and pivot as necessary.

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We do not have cookie cutter solutions at PDX Marketing. This means you must contact us and we can customize your plan.

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